DIY Sectional Couch- Preliminary Plan

In my previous post, DIY to the Rescue!, I announced that I'm taking on the challenge of building my own custom sectional couch to fit our family room. Using the plans I found over at, Modern DIY Upholstered Couch, I've spent some time designing the modifications I want to make to the original plans.... Continue Reading →

Plans-Twin Loft Bed

Click Here for plans to the Twin Loft Bed My daughter wanted a desk for her bedroom. Problem, there’s not enough space in her bedroom for a desk. Solution, build a loft bed and put the desk underneath.   This loft bed is a blend of plans from a loft bed that my brother built... Continue Reading →

Plans – Narrow End Table

Plans - Narrow End Table This next project I built for a friend. She wanted a narrow end table to fit in a tight space in her family room. I went online for inspiration and found this piece, however it was made with 2x4 sides. While I liked the piece, I wanted it to be a... Continue Reading →

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