Multipurpose Workbench – Days 2 and 3

A LOT of progress has been made on the multipurpose workbench. It's gone from the basic frame featured in Multipurpose Workbench Build – Day One to this: I know, I know... I'm totally jumping ahead. Here's how I got to this point. After finishing the internal framing featured in day one, I cut 3/4-inch MDF to create the... Continue Reading →

Completed Workbenches and Plan

Phase one of my workshop renovation is complete, I now have a functional workbench unit and storage area. I found the plans for this style of workbench at How to Build a DIY Wood Workbench: Super Simple $50 Bench. I selected this particular style of workbench because it was easy to modify the plans to fit... Continue Reading →

Workbench vs Uneven Floor

The first workbench for my workshop is framed and ready for the 3/4-inch MDF work top and shelf (check out my previous post, Workshop Improvements – Workbench on where I found plans for this workbench and how I modified the plans to fit my workshop). When I started planning my workshop renovation, I knew I... Continue Reading →

Preliminary Workbench Plan

The "rustic" in Wendy's Rustic Workshop is an adjective that doesn't accurately describe my workshop. In truth, it's Wendy's Dusty Scary Dungeon Workshop. However, "rustic" has a much nicer ring to it, wouldn't you agree? While working on the dollhouse project with my Dad, we used his workshop so we could keep the dollhouse as... Continue Reading →

Dollhouse Build – Day Three

This evening, I panned to complete the roof of the dollhouse. Instead, I walked into my Dad's workshop and found this: My awesome Dad not only put the roof on the dollhouse, but he trimmed out all the windows and doorways as well. Before we continue, if you haven't already done so, lease check out... Continue Reading →

Dollhouse Build – Day Two

Tonight, my Dad and I started assembly on the dollhouse. This dollhouse measures 4 feet high, 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. Assembly was a two person job. If you haven't already done so, please check out my previous post, A Dollhouse for Christmas for information on where I found plans and how I modified the project.... Continue Reading →

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