DIY Sectional Couch – Day Two – Couch Base Frame

Before making a run to my local home improvement store, I took an inventory of the materials I already had in my workshop. Turns out, I had enough 4x4s to use for the legs of the couch and enough screws for the project. Some may get a rush from couponing, I get a rush from using leftover materials on my latest projects.

Anyway, upon my return, I started off today’s workshop session by cutting all the 2x4s I will need for the couch frame. I then took the time to sand the pieces smooth with 120 grit sand paper. I also did another sanding pass with 220 grit sand paper. I want the exterior surfaces of this couch to be incredibly smooth when the piece is complete.

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking your time with sanding. I was totally guilty of rushing through this step on a lot of my earlier pieces. Yes, sanding is time consuming, but so worth it in the end!


Because I had so many different lengths of 2x4s needed for entire couch frame, I took a moment and wrote out all of the lengths and where the pocket holes would go on the boards. This little check list worked perfectly and prevented me from losing track of my progress.


Since I am using 2x4s for the frame, I set my Kreg Jig for 1 1/2 inch pocket holes and used 2 1/2 inch pocket hole screws

On the shorter boards, I was able to clamp the Kreg Jig to my work space to drill my pocket holes. However, on the longer boards, the ceiling in my workshop is not high enough to stand the boards on end. So, I simply clamped the Kreg Jig to the end of the board and drilled my pocket holes. I even used an extra clamp to make sure the Kreg Jig did not move while drilling the pocket holes.

With this type of project, it’s important to make sure all the components are square. I took a moment and, with the help of my speed square, checked for square as I assembled the frame.

I have a very small workshop, so I had to get a little creative to attach the legs to the frame. I lined up the legs and clamped them to the bottom of the frame (as seen on the left below). Once the legs were secure, I flipped the frame over, drilled my pilot holes and attached the legs to the frame with four 4″ screws per leg.

And here it is! The base frame for the couch. The next time I’m in my workshop, I’ll finish assembling the rest of the couch frame.


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